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Welcome to the CATS on-line Bus Schedules page. Select the route you want to see the schedule.


Route 3 - The Plaza Inbound Weekday
6 5 4 3 2 1
Equitable & Grier Barrington & The Plaza The Plaza & Eastway Davidson & 36th Davidson & 12th Charlotte Transportation Center
----- ----- 5:11a 5:16a 5:22a 5:27a
5:09a 5:13a 5:19a 5:24a 5:30a 5:35a
5:29a 5:33a 5:39a 5:44a 5:50a 5:55a
5:49a 5:53a 5:59a 6:06a 6:12a 6:17a
6:09a 6:13a 6:19a 6:26a 6:32a 6:37a
6:29a 6:33a 6:39a 6:46a 6:54a 7:01a
6:48a 6:52a 6:58a 7:05a 7:13a 7:20a
7:04a 7:09a 7:17a 7:25a 7:33a 7:40a
7:24a 7:29a 7:37a 7:45a 7:53a 8:00a
7:44a 7:49a 7:57a 8:05a 8:13a 8:20a
8:04a 8:09a 8:17a 8:25a 8:33a 8:40a
8:24a 8:29a 8:37a 8:45a 8:53a 9:00a
8:44a 8:49a 8:57a 9:05a 9:13a 9:20a
9:07a 9:12a 9:20a 9:28a 9:36a 9:43a
9:22a 9:26a 9:33a 9:40a 9:48a 9:55a
9:57a 10:01a 10:08a 10:15a 10:23a 10:30a
10:27a 10:31a 10:38a 10:45a 10:53a 11:00a
10:55a 10:59a 11:06a 11:13a 11:21a 11:28a
11:25a 11:29a 11:36a 11:44a 11:52a 11:59a
11:55a 11:59a 12:06p 12:14p 12:22p 12:29p
12:25p 12:29p 12:36p 12:44p 12:52p 12:59p
12:55p 12:59p 1:06p 1:14p 1:22p 1:29p
1:24p 1:28p 1:35p 1:43p 1:51p 1:58p
1:54p 1:59p 2:07p 2:14p 2:22p 2:29p
2:24p 2:29p 2:37p 2:44p 2:52p 2:59p
2:54p 2:59p 3:07p 3:14p 3:22p 3:29p
3:24p 3:29p 3:37p 3:44p 3:52p 3:59p
3:54p 3:59p 4:07p 4:14p 4:22p 4:29p
4:14p 4:19p 4:27p 4:34p 4:42p 4:49p
4:34p 4:39p 4:47p 4:54p 5:02p 5:09p
4:54p 4:59p 5:07p 5:14p 5:22p 5:29p
5:14p 5:19p 5:27p 5:34p 5:42p 5:49p
5:34p 5:39p 5:47p 5:54p 6:02p 6:09p
5:54p 5:59p 6:07p 6:14p 6:22p 6:29p
6:19p 6:24p 6:32p 6:39p 6:47p 6:54p
6:29p 6:34p 6:42p 6:49p 6:57p 7:04p
7:01p 7:05p 7:11p 7:17p 7:24p 7:30p
7:36p 7:40p 7:46p 7:52p 7:59p 8:05p
8:22p 8:26p 8:32p 8:38p 8:45p 8:51p
9:16p 9:20p 9:26p 9:32p 9:39p 9:45p
9:54p 9:58p 10:04p 10:09p 10:15p 10:21p
10:31p 10:35p 10:41p 10:46p 10:52p 10:58p
11:21p 11:25p 11:31p 11:36p 11:42p 11:48p
12:11a 12:15a 12:21a 12:26a 12:32a 12:38a
12:59a 1:03a 1:09a 1:14a 1:20a 1:26a

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